Business Card Website 


Fully Managed

Small and fledgling businesses require all your effort and usually don’t have an abundance of spare resources; so we have produced a solution for you.

We will construct your introductory web page, as well as look after all the technical, management and maintenance aspects of it for you so that you are left free to put all your effort into your business.

Business Card Website Package

We have removed all the bells and whistles from the Business Card Website package to provide a basic web page that is cheap, functional and requires no management effort from you.

To make these available at a super low price that requires no ongoing input from you we have removed everything except basic editor access. We handle everything else so that you can concentrate on your business while we look after the rest.

Easy Upgrade

When you reach the point that you require something more than the basics we can upgrade you to a fully blown website with all the normal user management features included.


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