Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

FREE minor maintenance

All websites we host qualify for free minor maintenance for the life of your account. Swap a photo or 2, change a sentence of text or a phone number and it’s no charge.


Discounted rates

If you are a Net Maintain customer and your changes are a bit more involved you still get a discounted rate for the time we spend on your website. We even bill in small time blocks.

Casual maintenance

Not a Net Maintain customer? We can still manage edits to your website for you at attractive rates. What may take you hours we can probably do in minutes saving you time and money.

Keep your website up-to-date

Old websites that appear neglected and don’t respond to mobile devices in a friendly way can be at a disadvantage in search engine results.

Talk to us today about updating your website.

“A good website is like a finely tuned sports car. Lots of research, development and expertise to ensure it performs optimally have gone into its production. If you take it home and start tweaking things under the bonnet or playing with the aerodynamics you shouldn’t be surprised if there is a deterioration in performance.”

Mark McCormick

Net Maintain

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