Frequently Asked Questions

There are things that most customers like to know and should know about their website and it’s operation. So we have compiled a list of the frequently asked questions to answer as many of those as possible. If you can’t find what you need to know here then please contact us with your enquiry.
Can I change the content on my website myself?

Yes, depending on how your website is configured and the type of account package you have it may be possible for you to easily manage your own content.

Most Net Maintain sites run off a content management system. These have built-in tools that make it easy to edit your website content.

Other types of sites may require in-depth knowledge of a number of coding languages and tools. As a result they are harder to manage without training. HTML, JavaScript, PHP, T-SQL, VB.NET, or C#.NET are common for production, CSS for styling and FTP clients for uploading files. If in doubt contact us to find out more.

Can I get you to design a site that I can then manage?
Yes we can design and install a website so that you can then take over the management of the site and handle all future updates and amendments. Of course you can still come back to us if you need help.
How often can I update my website?

With most of our packages you will be supplied a username and password. That allows you to login and update your website at anytime and as often as you wish.

Net Maintain administered sites can also be updated at any time subject to current workload and booking schedules. If your update is urgent please advise us when booking-in your work and we will try and accommodate.

How do I get my website on the first page of Google?

There is no easy way to do this because good sustainable search engine rankings take careful planning followed by a lot of work and follow-up.

Reading this blog entry on Search Engine Ranking basics is a good starting point. Check through our knowledge base for more articles on the topic. An enormous amount of material is also available on the web (try Googling “how to make my website appear on a google search”, paying particular attention to pages belonging to Google themselves).

Contact us if you would like us to put an SEO/SEM package together that will provide a strategy for improving your search engine ranking.

Be sceptical of parties making claims of instant number 1 and page 1 rankings on Google. The dubious tricks and tactics used by some operators can result in your site being excluded from search results entirely. That is not something easily fixed.

How long will it take to build my website?

This will depend on whether we are building the entire website for you or you are doing all or part of it yourself. There are also a lot of factors that will determine how long construction of your website will take including:

  • The type of website required. An ecommerce website or one with special features will take slightly longer than a conventional website.
  • The amount and type of material that needs to be collated for inclusion in your website.
  • The actual size of the website with respect to the amount of material included.
  • The tweaking or revisions required before settling on the finished site.
  • The workload we already have booked-in.

Having said all that, we have had new websites up and running in as little as 1 week and splash or holding pages in a day or so. However, you normally need to allow 4 – 6 weeks to have a full website constructed and up and running.

In a hurry? Contact us to see if we have unallocated design time available.

Is the cost of hosting my website included in the annual account package fee?
Yes. In nearly all cases the hosting charges associated with a website are included in the package fee. Ancillary services such as domain name licence fees, and any optional extras you may have added to your account such as nMail will usually be itemised separately. If you have any doubts please contact our accounts department.
How long will it take to get a response if I contact support?
We pride ourselves on our client support so most support requests will get a response within 1 working day or less and usually no longer than 2 working days. Even if the problem takes some time for us to look into we will contact you to let you know the status of your request.
Is the charge for my nominated package an annual fee?

Yes. The price quoted for your particular account package is an annual charge. This may exclude domain name licence fees that vary depending on the length of licence period applicable to your domain name. Australian domain names, i.e. those ending in .au have a 2 year licence period, others may be from 1-10 years.

Please Note: annual fees are discounted for payment in advance. Therefore the total of all monthly fees for a year will be higher than the ‘annual rate’.

How hard is it to manage my own website content?
Websites Built on a Content Management System

Generally speaking someone with basic computing skills familiar with programs like Word should be fine. Basic image manipulation software that comes with todays digital cameras can be used with the tools built-in to a CMS. The majority of websites these days are built on a CMS even some with seemingly complex features.

Custom Developed Websites

Custom designed websites are usually built using a server side program language to provide the advanced features and functionality. Unless you own and are proficient with professional web development software you may find it difficult to administer these websites.

Should I register more than one domain name?

Ultimately you only need one domain name to use with your website and to allow people to find you. However, there are a number of reasons why it may be beneficial to register more than 1 name:

  • You trade internationally – where you have markets in other countries it can be beneficial to register a domain name in those countries.
  • Where you want to protect the value of your brand by preventing competing businesses using the same or a similar name with a different extension.
  • To prevent confusion – if you register and you can point both names to the same website.
  • To help with search engine positioning.
  • By registering additional names you can help include other names that customers may use when searching for you.

If you need help or advice on registering a domain name please contact us.

What spam filtering options do I have available for my email?
  1. You have the option to have spam filtering turned on or turned off. We recommend everyone have spam filtering turned on.
  2. With spam filtering turned on you have the option to have email suspected of being spam deleted straight away or to have a spam label inserted in the subject line of the email so that you know the filter has identified that particular email as spam.

There are numerous other options for tuning the spam filtering to a level you are comfortable with including creating whitelists for friendly email addresses and blacklists for email addresses you want to block.

More details are available by contacting us or using the options available within the webmail interface for your mailbox.

What do I need to do to get started?

For a successful website that is a long term asset to your business preparing and planning before any construction begins is crucial. Therefore, preparation work done at the beginning will always save time later.

We have a list of the steps necessary and the process involved here.

How do I setup my email address?

Configuring email can vary depending on the mailbox type and email program you use for email collection.

Because of the security, features and options available we recommend a premium email system such as the nMail system.

Visit our email support page for more information and a wizard for users of the nMail mail system that simplifies the process for you.

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