Email Configuration

Email configuration can be a tricky and at times frustrating procedure. To get it right the first time, don’t rush and follow the steps we provide being careful with your entries. Try to avoid typos and pay special attention to entering passwords. There are usually only a couple of things that prevent your email operating correctly. Especially relevant are the username and password as well as the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Finally, regardless of how you access your email the same username and password is always used.

nMail (ONLY) Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will provide instructions for setting up your premium nMail mailbox on any type of device. There are different instructions available for desktop, laptop, tablet as well as phone. The most common method is to select the IMAP setup.

In order to configure your device you will need the username and password for each mailbox that you wish to setup.

Please Note: This wizard is not for use with legacy POP mailboxes so see the section below for the old POP mailbox setup.

POP Email Configuration

If you are still using the old POP mail system contact us for instruction sheets for your particular email client. You can also find trouble shooting tips by visit this page. We can also provide a range of tutorials and email configuration instruction sheets for older email programs.

If you have lost or did not receive your mailbox login details please contact us to have them re-issued.

Upgrading to the newer nMail system is easy and straight forward. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of the extra features it provides.