This clients previous recruitment website while still functioning well was quite old and not mobile friendly.

We developed a new website that includes the ability for the owner to add and update job vacancies as well as take enquiries from potential applicants while still being easy to use.

The site provides services for employers as well as job seekers.

You can visit for more information.

Angela Morris Optometrist are an award winning locally owned independent optometrist. The latest technology is used to assess vision and eye health. Their optical prescriptions and aid with contact lenses is provided by highly qualified optometrists. Also part of their service is assisting in the management of eye ailments and ocular deseases.

Our goal with this website was to provide a new website with modern styling. A lot of the material from the previous website was still current and relevant so this was to be included. However, as part of the process all text was audited and updated where necessary.

Customers have the ability to request appointments, order contact lenses and submit enquiries using online forms provided. Key services provided are highlighted along with directions, opening hour and contact information. A number of interactive features have been included to promote brands available in eyewear.

You can visit the Angela Morris Optometrist website here.

Dr Ian Billinghurst is a nutritionist, agricultural scientist, veterinary surgeon, author, lecturer, nutritional consultant and developer of raw pet foods. His findings are based on years of study, veterinary practice and research.

This rebuilt website will promote the books and articles written by Dr Billinghurst as well as advertise speaking engagements.

Books and DVD’s produced by Dr Billinghurst are also available for sale through the website. BARF, the raw pet food developed by Dr Billinghurst is also promoted through the site.

Dr B will provide more articles and material on his research for posting on the website as it develops. Over time more features are slated for inclusion in the website as well.

Visit the website by clicking here.

Bowman Dental is a leading provider of dentistry services in the Bathurst region. All facets of dentistry, dental surgery and rehabilitation are available.

The professional service delivered at Bowman Dental receives special attention in this website. All the dental services and therapies available are also featured along with treatment options and information on each service.

Another feature found among the material included are the educational video’s. Visitors can also find articles as well as downloadable information sheets.

You can visit the Bowman Dental website here.

The Panorama Motorcycle Club includes disciplines such as motocross, longtrack, vintage and veteran, enduro, and ride days.

Each section of the club was allocated space on the website to promote their discipline. Club news and events as well as membership and joining information was also included.

Race results from events held during the year are posted by the website coordinator. Photos of races and other outings have also been included to enhance the visual appeal of the website. Custom sliders have been used to allow a range of images to be used for each section.

Visit the Panorama Motorcycle Club website by clicking here.

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